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NudeKnow.com is an initiative on the brink of becoming a start-up, committed to empowering content creators with essential protections in the digital realm. With Gen-Z and millennials at the forefront, shaping the narrative on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and beyond, our mission gains urgency. Originating from the lived experiences of individuals who have endured the tribulations of digital content creation, NudeKnow is particularly focused on combating threats like revenge porn and catphishing—insidious practices that not only violate privacy but also inflict profound psychological harm. Our founders, having been victims of such abuses, are driven to prevent the anxiety, depression, and other emotional distresses tied to these experiences. At NudeKnow, we are building a sanctuary for creators and victims alike, ensuring their digital expression remains safe and their well-being protected.

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No Matter How You're a Victim

Revenge Porn, Leaked Content, Catphishing

NudeKnow diligently monitors the internet for any explicit images you may have taken, offering a robust personal identity protection service that ensures peace of mind. Our comprehensive approach not only checks for your photos on leading adult sites and social media platforms but also alerts you if they are found circulating or for sale online. Importantly, we collaborate closely with our partners to prevent the upload of such sensitive content in the first place, proactively safeguarding your privacy. While we recommend caution in not including identifiable features in private images, we understand that unique identifiers like tattoos can sometimes make anonymity challenging. Trust us to navigate the complexities of protecting your digital presence, freeing you to focus on being your authentic self.

The name NudeKnow might suggest a focus solely on explicit content, but our protection extends beyond that. We are in the process of developing a feature that will allow you to upload photos from your social media accounts for protection. This means we aim to prevent these images from being uploaded by any unapproved accounts not specified by you on NudeKnow. However, this feature is currently under development and its implementation will depend on the optional support from our partners.

We manually curate “baits” from X (formerly Twitter) as well as other leaked content hashtags and download them to make them searchable. This is a manual process and is checked weekly for new content. We also collect Telegram channels to make them searchable as well in our higher tiers.

If your videos or images are found online via our reverse image search or face recognition capabilities you will see an indicator that flags the file as found. You will also be able to browse photos that appear to match your face recognition profile. When something is found, use the contact form along with the “hash” available in your My Photos or My Videos page to let us know it was found so that we can help you get it taken down. 

Currently on NudeKnow employees can see the location of the files that were matched. We plan to change this in the near future for paid subscriptions. If you would like to know where your files are located online, please contact us with the hash available in your My Photos or My Videos pages so that we can lookup the media in question and provide URLs.

Low Trust means that you never actually upload your photos when you add them to the My Photos section. Instead, a hash is computed in the browser on your device and a 16 character string is sent to us to compare to the database of over 1.5 million other hashes. Videos are temporarily uploaded to compute the hash as we lack the resources for R&D to achieve that in the browser just yet, but if it’s possible, it’s planned. Even your face photo is done in the browser and descriptors are generated without ever uploading a photo.